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We’ve been looking at how knowing facts does not necessarily mean we know the truth. As I said last time, truth, in the deepest sense, is when we not only know the facts but understand their meaning and significance. One definition from the Oxford Dictionary says that truth is “That which is true or in […]

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I was going through the net, in the process I encountered different posts of how to become a successful person. I was curious to know what is success? different authors had different  definitions, with most of them revolving around material gain, being rich, building a career, having a good marriage e.t.c. But lets reason here, lets take this example, here is Mr.x, Mr.x is rich he has what money can buy, he has a healthy family with a beautiful wife, from our point when we see Mr.x we see that he has everything. But personally he is battling with diseases, his marriage is not working out, he has much workload, to keep business going, he is under lawsuits. To him he is not enjoying life as people think. Now when we look at his life, will we say that he is successful?

Though the society has made it  seem as if material gain is being successful, when we critically look at it, we see that there is just more than material gain. According to me, with the bible as my reference, I can define success as being able to accomplish the purpose that God created us to do. God created the world and he made the visible and the invisible things, the invisible things controls the visible. I know that someone is confused somewhere , with our world of science where we are made to believe that something only exist if its in any of the three foam of matter, but don’t be confused. Reason with me, there are things like power, emotion, dominating , competition, corruption e.t.c this are things that are unseen neither can they be touched, but they influence our daily life. we have seen war arising just because of politics, love has made many do unimaginable things, we see people dominating each other and there is competition everywhere. But who can weigh love or anger or power? who can touch them? in what foam of matter do they fall?

Likewise success is an invisible thing. Now before we be success or accomplish the purpose of God in this world, we must understand some basic principles first.

God created us and gave us different capabil0ities or characteristics, I like to to refer to them us tools,  to accomplish our mission. For examples there are those of us who are courageous, we can use this characteristic to lead or maybe talk about a particular topic which is of importance but people fear to talk about it. what am I trying to say? is that keep it in mind that whatever characteristic that you have, though the society may classify it as a weakness or strength, God gave it to you with a plan knowing that you will use it to achieve your purpose. The only limiting factor is that we do not know our characteristics and our purpose and for sure we can not know. Take this example when a potter molds an artifact or a designer comes up with a product, we can not know the purpose of it unless we are told, the only thing that we will be doing is only to speculate. That’s why it is important to give our life to God and believe in Christ, for by doing so, we are like telling God to take control over our life and He will fill us with The Holy Spirit, who will lead us, show us direction and bring the best out of ourselves.

On the other hand there is a domination, a form of slavery, this is the reason behind us not knowing the truth, not understanding our main purpose, making us not to become successful. when we read in the book of Ephesians, apostle Paul says that our fight is not of flesh and blood but of rulers, authority, darkness of the world and evil spirit from heavenly realm. Now, they say that for one to win a fight he or she must understand his or her enemy very well, when you view it this way that when one is sick the doctors will first examine his or her sickness then treat it, but can you imagine a scenario where someone is suffering from malaria and they put him or her under typhoid treatment? that’s is the kind of life we are living. We are fighting a wrong fight, we are fighting a fight of flesh and blood, when we talk about success we tend to think that success is of possession of things or rather having wealth, we are blinded by our enemy so that we do not win.

hope-1we have gone further into spirituality but lets come back a bit in our physical world and explain it critically so that we can reason from the same page. Lets take the example of the form of slavery in the modern world. Right now most people are addicts just to name a few, there those who are addict of alcohol, drug substances, pornography, music, movies, social media. This form of addiction takes most of our time, inhibits our productive mind thereby rendering us nearly useless, as if that’s not enough takes much of our income, now tell me if this is not slavery.  The devil works through the rulers who in turn allow or come up with this things even to there lack of understanding. Thereby, for us to become successful we must understand our fight, understand that the road to success is actually not the one that we are following, we must change the route, follow the right path and carry the right weapon to fight the right enemy.